Daniel was born in 1981 in a small village in the Po Valley.The first real contact with a music software was in 1988 with cubase64 for the commodore 64. At age of 12 years he decided to start studying guitar, but after 2 years of study he noticed that the sound of the guitar was too simple and was looking for something that would send more depth. At the same time, Daniel's father bought him an Atari 520 with 1 mb of ram and it was there who approach the world of computer music and sequencers .... bought steinberg cubase 3 but he did not even get it to work! In 1994 He tried magix music maker that open the doors to the use of the sequencer ... find out how to arrange the audio ...use of quantization.etc. ... but poor audio quality and the lack of user friendliness of the software prompted daniel to change way .... in 1997 he passed to Fruity Loops and began producing techno/trance with minimal sound ...the project was called Byte! Between 98 and 99 Daniel read "The technology of computer music " (by Max v. Mathews) in a version translated into Italian by a family friend .... this veritable Bible of music production pushed him to start the production with E-magic Logic 5.5 ..... and it was there that he met Fulvia and Michele (dj Tama) which uses the same software and decided to start a prog/trance project called "Atmospheres" .... it was at that time that who approached the hardware world buying the "virus indigo II" ..... After several years of production and collaboration with several artists (Psyborg-Tmimass-Niebla del Mar, etc), labels (Solarsiv Rec, Savva Rec.), booking and release in Europe, Daniel decided that he had to change something .... now the record label from friends Fulvia and Michele (Solarsiv Rec.) no longer had place for him, because they changed style, moving on trance/house music sound ....
He made a radical change in the music and software .... in 2007 began producing fullon with cubase .... the pro was called Sunny Cloud ... ... until 2010 when, probably due to the fact that he frequented assiduously festivals in Europe, shifted on psychedelic music. ...
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